“ From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free."

      Jacques Yves Cousteau.


                                 Training and Costs 2019

We offer the following BSAC courses:

Try Dives  £15.00

Spending an hour being introduced to scuba diving might open up whole new world of pleasure for you.  If you have ever wondered if you might enjoy diving a “Try Dive” is a cheap and easy way to find out. You will be given an introduction to the equipment by one of our qualified instructors who will then supervise you throughout a pool dive.

Snorkel Lessons £7.50

trip_dec_2011_694_-_CopyOur Snorkel lesson is for an hour in the swimming pool.  Within that hour you will cover basic snorkelling techniques, "duck diving", snorkelling underwater and safety when snorkelling.



Courses - General

All courses are run at a pace that suits a trainee's confidence and progress. 


Before commencing the course you will have to join the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) and become a member of Bedford Scuba Divers.  Course costs include:

  •  All tuition.
  •  All course materials.  
  •  The use of all necessary Club equipment.  Students are responsible for the good care of any equipment allocated to them.
  •  The first three air cylinder fills for the Ocean Diver course; a full cylinder will normally last for at least two or three pool sessions.

Course costs do not include: 

  • Air cylinder fills excluding the first three fills for the Ocean Diver course - usually £4 per fill.
  • Travel costs to open water sites, usually Milton Keynes, Gildenburgh or Stoney Cove.
  • Entry costs to open water sites; sites vary between £5 and £20. 

Ocean Diver  £180 plus Club and BSAC fees 

The Ocean Diver training course consists of:

  •  A basic swimming assessment.
  •  Seven theory lessons.
  •  A theory assessment.
  •  Five sheltered water lessons carried out in the swimming pool.
  •  Five open water dives.

These elements will provide you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare for open water diving and on successful completion of this course you will be able to dive to a maximum depth of 20 metres. 


Sports Diver  £100 ( plus Club and BSAC fees if not already a member )

Bromham_Lake_(6)                                                                            The emphasis in Sports Diver training is on building a sound foundation of open water  diving skills and experience through a series of structured practical lessons. 

The Sports Diver course consists of:

  •  Six class room theory lessons.
  •  One theory assessment.
  •  One dry practical lesson.
  •  One sheltered water lesson carried out in the swimming pool.
  •  One optional Refresher/Orientation dive.
  •  Five open water lessons.

On successful completion of this course you will be able to dive to a maximum depth of 35 metres and take part in dives that require decompression stops.    


Dive Leader £100 ( plus Club and BSAC fees if not already a member )


Pool_(1)Dive Leader training concentrates on the responsibilities and safety aspects of leading other divers on an open water dive. Practical lessons in rescue management and rescue skills will give you the confidence and ability to deal with those unforeseen emergencies. Leading a dive will develop your enjoyment, confidence and experience as a diver. Details of the syllabus of this course are available on request.

If you are interested, either for yourself or as an exciting gift for someone else, email us or call any one of the people listed on the Contact Us page.   

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